CropLife Indonesia

By the year 2020, Indonesia’s population is expected to balloon to 288 million, an increase of roughly 45 million people – a reality that will place national Food Security and environmental protection at the top of the Indonesian Government’s list of priorities. 

The Indonesian Government recognizes that technological innovations in agriculture are important tools in achieving Food Security for the nation.  Biotech crops contribute significantly to the food supply by improving and protecting the harvest.  Encouraged by the government’s policy on Food Security, in 2010 and 2011, CropLife Indonesia, in partnership with government agencies and development organizations, heightened its outreach towards a better understanding of biotech crops and supported capacity-building activities to foster a science-based, functional regulatory framework. 

CropLife Indonesia supported the participation of stakeholders in the Farmers Exchange Program in the Philippines, where participants had opportunities to interact with biotech corn farmers, regulators, local government officials, and policymakers while visiting biotech Research & Development facilities and biotech corn farms.  After attending the program, a number of the participants served as resource persons in media workshops, press encounters and consultative meetings where they spoke about their observations and experiences in the Philippines. 

In 2010 and 2011, CropLife Indonesia supported educational activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and study visits that contributed to capacity building in biotechnology and biosafety. These activities helped to strengthen the capacity for environmental risk assessment and compliance to field trials and stewardship; improve understanding of biotech crops with stack traits and issues associated with low level presence of agri-biotech products in commodity shipments and food; augment knowledge of biosafety issues to be negotiated in the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety; deepen the awareness of Food Security issues and public attitudes to food biotechnology; and keep the participants abreast of global halal-related developments. 

Population:  242,968,342
Percentage of labour force in agriculture:  42.1 
GDP:  $695.1 billion
Percentage of GDP from agriculture:  14.9 
(CIA World Factbook 2012) 

CropLife Asia has identified Indonesia as one of its top regulatory priorities.  The problem of counterfeit products has led to substantial losses in Indonesia, including a gross output loss of more than US$18 million.  Building upon the successes of 2009, the CropLife Indonesia Team elevated our engagement with the authorities and relevant stakeholders in 2010 and 2011 in order to continue fighting this issue. The CropLife Indonesia Anti-counterfeiting Team has combated the nationwide problem through various initiatives, including:

  • the launch of a countrywide Community Awareness Campaign and an Anti-counterfeiting Campaign;
  • the distribution and display of anti-counterfeiting materials; and
  • the enhancement of community awareness through sharing of information with government officials, customs and pesticide controllers as well as farmers and retailers.